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~Aussie Trip #3~ Bunkered Down


It took 3 days to get over our jet lag. I was pretty impressed with that. Our three little ladies woke up at 2:45am the first morning, ready for breakfast and morning cartoons… which I made happen. By the second morning, they stretched it out to 5am and Little Lady #1 had her first taste of warmed Weetbix for breakfast. A new fan. And that was the last of our crazy early starts. Easy.
So on day 4 (Tuesday) we went to the Royal Adelaide Show and had a blast but Wednesday had a different flavour to it. Little Lady #2 fell in a heap on the couch and didn’t get up off of it for most of the day. Coughing, watery, washed out looking eyes, congested, a slight fever and just generally miserable. Then the next day Little Lady #1 was out and Little Baby #3 started coughing a day after that. For 5 days straight, I kept the girls inside, out of the cold spring air and away from friends, in an attempt to keep this virus to ourselves.
It didn’t really work. Everyone in the house felt under the weather to some degree and many were feeling sorry for us. I hate seeing my kids sick and the sound of an infant coughing is heartbreaking. The days felt long and my load was feeling heavy without my man here. Sick kids only want Mum and Dad and it was a challenge to stretch in three directions but somehow we made it through.
We drank a lot of Emergen-C and chewable vitamin C. The kids had some homeopathic cough syrup and I found a liquid form of Echinecea to put in our water. Baby and I had a chiropractic adjustment but as hard as I tried, I couldn’t convince my older two girls to get treated by anyone other than our Chiro back home. I didn’t want to push them to, resulting in the treatment not working because of their tense little bodies or scaring them away from chiropractic adjustments all together, so I just left it up to them.

There were glimpses of joy as the days went by though.
Sitting on the front porch for morning tea…

With a view like this…

And fun with bubbles when the older two started to brighten up a little.

I don’t feel like our Aussie trip has been hindered at all by this slow down. We spent time with Nanny and Pop and ‘Old Nan’, listened to Magpie’s in the morning, drank tea, ate Weetbix and watched Playschool. We were still having Aussie experiences and most importantly, spending time with family. Being bunkered down with a yucky bug has it’s perks.


~Aussie Trip #2~ The Show!


The Royal Adelaide Show! I haven’t been since 2003 when I went with a bunch of friends wearing baggy jeans, a tight t shirt and Dunlop Volleys with my eyes on a curly haired, green eyed American guy who hates roller coasters… but that’s another story.

As soon as my little ladies had jet lag under control (they had a hefty 14.5 hr time difference for their bodies to work out) our first destination was ‘the show’. It happens for a little over a week every September. For me, it’s all about the rides, the animals and the show bags. What took me by surprise was the rise in cost. Show bags are usually themed bags of junk food and/or toys at a bargain price compared to regular retail. What used to be $5 to $12 is now $10 to $25. I know this is life but at the same time…. this is ‘the show’! Noticing changes in iconic events like this just makes me realize how long it’s been in between innings.
But today was only a little bit about me reliving my childhood and more about my kids experiencing the show for the first time. We followed the yellow brick road which involved a map, a bag and stamping our guide as we went to each numbered yellow brick road site, accepting free gifts of fruit, biscuits, baseball tickets, yogurt sticks etc. doubling as healthy snacks lasting the whole day… Bonus!
The girls went on two rides each. The elephants…



And the Rockin’ Train…

(this is a perfect capture of the moment the train started to move)

Visited the animals. Watching dressage in the large arena, petting the babies…

And, of course, finding the Aussie natives…


Our day was long and unexpectedly hot but we had a great time. It feels good to be tired at the end of a full, happy day. Well, MOST of us had a big day… Someone just snuggled and snoozed in the Moby most of the time, perfectly blocking out the commotion.


~Aussie trip #1~ New yet Old


I recently started a big adventure with my little ladies, traveling across the Pacific Ocean to my home town in Australia. The thought of traveling over thirty hours with three children under 5 would make any normal person shudder. Lucky for me, my sister-in-law joined me for the journey and is using her time in the Land Down Under to see some sights which definitely lightened the load for me on the plane.

I managed to get them all to snooze before our midnight boarding on the international flight.

Surviving with smiles

Just one more plane and we’ll be there!

Seeing my family’s eyes light up as we exited customs and then smelling the cool sea breeze made all those grueling hours of travel worth it.
I’ve been looking forward to seeing these smiles.



It’s been four years since I’ve been home. Most things still retain a sense of familiarity, like the single story brick homes, narrow roads, bark stripped gum trees, rolling hills by the ocean and of course the special people who waved me goodbye years ago. Four years on and people have become parents, some moved into new homes, fish and chips have become more expensive and shop fronts have changed. It’s a strange feeling being somewhere that feels so ordinary yet, because I so very rarely see gum trees and wattle bushes and eat fish and chips on the beach, it feels so foreign at the same time.

I enjoy being able to see what used to seem so ordinary, like a drive to work along the ocean and sheep scattered hills, through my children’s eyes. Their eyes just light up when they see the vast water and they’ve asked to build a sandcastle every time we get close. I have my own ‘must see/do’ list which involves a lot of culinary delights. I’ll let you know if I get them all checked off 🙂

Knit one


I’ve been meaning to start a blog for a few years now. I know myself pretty well and I know that I’ve never been good at keeping a journal, or sticking to anything for very long, or creative writing, so it seems the idea of a blog could be a disaster. However, I’ve always wanted a space to write about my children, share photos, ideas, recipes and experiences.
I live in a smallish town in Minnesota. There are plenty of small towns surrounding us which makes our smallish town seem big and brings plenty of people in our direction, heading for the mall on a shopping spree. I come from a suburban area in South Australia, so my smallish Minnesotan town is very different from where I was expecting my life to end up. That’s what brings me to tightly knit.

I believe we are all connected in a giant puzzle-like web with an amazing weaver who creates opportunities for us to fulfill His will for our life, sewing and stitching, mending and hemming as He goes. We all hear the phrase ‘it’s a small world!’ when we learn that we know a friend of a friend or see someone from a lifetime ago. Well, it took me 30 hours and 4 airports to get from my South Australian home to my Minnesotan life, so I can tell you from experience, this world is anything but small. I believe more so in this tightly knit life with threads coming from all directions. A life that draws in threads of radiant color when we need picking up and loosens the borders when we need to relax. Frays at the edges when we don’t look after ourselves and drops a stitch when our life needs some space. I found my perfect knitting partner and we’ve woven three amazing beauties. The threads in my tightly knit life are spread across two continents which just adds extra colour to my knitting project.

My tightly knit life is not much different from yours but unique at the same time. I hope to share the breath taking moments here as well as the everyday stitches and threads.