~Aussie trip #1~ New yet Old


I recently started a big adventure with my little ladies, traveling across the Pacific Ocean to my home town in Australia. The thought of traveling over thirty hours with three children under 5 would make any normal person shudder. Lucky for me, my sister-in-law joined me for the journey and is using her time in the Land Down Under to see some sights which definitely lightened the load for me on the plane.

I managed to get them all to snooze before our midnight boarding on the international flight.

Surviving with smiles

Just one more plane and we’ll be there!

Seeing my family’s eyes light up as we exited customs and then smelling the cool sea breeze made all those grueling hours of travel worth it.
I’ve been looking forward to seeing these smiles.



It’s been four years since I’ve been home. Most things still retain a sense of familiarity, like the single story brick homes, narrow roads, bark stripped gum trees, rolling hills by the ocean and of course the special people who waved me goodbye years ago. Four years on and people have become parents, some moved into new homes, fish and chips have become more expensive and shop fronts have changed. It’s a strange feeling being somewhere that feels so ordinary yet, because I so very rarely see gum trees and wattle bushes and eat fish and chips on the beach, it feels so foreign at the same time.

I enjoy being able to see what used to seem so ordinary, like a drive to work along the ocean and sheep scattered hills, through my children’s eyes. Their eyes just light up when they see the vast water and they’ve asked to build a sandcastle every time we get close. I have my own ‘must see/do’ list which involves a lot of culinary delights. I’ll let you know if I get them all checked off 🙂


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  1. Seeing Darren, Sue and Nan with you all makes me really happy to know that they get to be with the girls. We have had you all to ourselves for too long. Enjoy every minute of time you have together!

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