~Aussie Trip #2~ The Show!


The Royal Adelaide Show! I haven’t been since 2003 when I went with a bunch of friends wearing baggy jeans, a tight t shirt and Dunlop Volleys with my eyes on a curly haired, green eyed American guy who hates roller coasters… but that’s another story.

As soon as my little ladies had jet lag under control (they had a hefty 14.5 hr time difference for their bodies to work out) our first destination was ‘the show’. It happens for a little over a week every September. For me, it’s all about the rides, the animals and the show bags. What took me by surprise was the rise in cost. Show bags are usually themed bags of junk food and/or toys at a bargain price compared to regular retail. What used to be $5 to $12 is now $10 to $25. I know this is life but at the same time…. this is ‘the show’! Noticing changes in iconic events like this just makes me realize how long it’s been in between innings.
But today was only a little bit about me reliving my childhood and more about my kids experiencing the show for the first time. We followed the yellow brick road which involved a map, a bag and stamping our guide as we went to each numbered yellow brick road site, accepting free gifts of fruit, biscuits, baseball tickets, yogurt sticks etc. doubling as healthy snacks lasting the whole day… Bonus!
The girls went on two rides each. The elephants…



And the Rockin’ Train…

(this is a perfect capture of the moment the train started to move)

Visited the animals. Watching dressage in the large arena, petting the babies…

And, of course, finding the Aussie natives…


Our day was long and unexpectedly hot but we had a great time. It feels good to be tired at the end of a full, happy day. Well, MOST of us had a big day… Someone just snuggled and snoozed in the Moby most of the time, perfectly blocking out the commotion.



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  1. So fun to see you in the pics at the Show. What brave girls you are! Glad to know you are having a great time. We miss you too.

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