~Aussie Trip #3~ Bunkered Down


It took 3 days to get over our jet lag. I was pretty impressed with that. Our three little ladies woke up at 2:45am the first morning, ready for breakfast and morning cartoons… which I made happen. By the second morning, they stretched it out to 5am and Little Lady #1 had her first taste of warmed Weetbix for breakfast. A new fan. And that was the last of our crazy early starts. Easy.
So on day 4 (Tuesday) we went to the Royal Adelaide Show and had a blast but Wednesday had a different flavour to it. Little Lady #2 fell in a heap on the couch and didn’t get up off of it for most of the day. Coughing, watery, washed out looking eyes, congested, a slight fever and just generally miserable. Then the next day Little Lady #1 was out and Little Baby #3 started coughing a day after that. For 5 days straight, I kept the girls inside, out of the cold spring air and away from friends, in an attempt to keep this virus to ourselves.
It didn’t really work. Everyone in the house felt under the weather to some degree and many were feeling sorry for us. I hate seeing my kids sick and the sound of an infant coughing is heartbreaking. The days felt long and my load was feeling heavy without my man here. Sick kids only want Mum and Dad and it was a challenge to stretch in three directions but somehow we made it through.
We drank a lot of Emergen-C and chewable vitamin C. The kids had some homeopathic cough syrup and I found a liquid form of Echinecea to put in our water. Baby and I had a chiropractic adjustment but as hard as I tried, I couldn’t convince my older two girls to get treated by anyone other than our Chiro back home. I didn’t want to push them to, resulting in the treatment not working because of their tense little bodies or scaring them away from chiropractic adjustments all together, so I just left it up to them.

There were glimpses of joy as the days went by though.
Sitting on the front porch for morning tea…

With a view like this…

And fun with bubbles when the older two started to brighten up a little.

I don’t feel like our Aussie trip has been hindered at all by this slow down. We spent time with Nanny and Pop and ‘Old Nan’, listened to Magpie’s in the morning, drank tea, ate Weetbix and watched Playschool. We were still having Aussie experiences and most importantly, spending time with family. Being bunkered down with a yucky bug has it’s perks.


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