Aussie Trip #4 ~Indulgences


They say there’s no place like home. Well, when it comes to food, for me, there’s no place like home.
I came home (to Australia) with a list of must-haves before I leave. I have four years to catch up on, there has been total disregard to the waist line, so this postpartum body is still looking very postpartum. I have not passed up an opportunity to have a meat pie with sauce (ketchup), fish and chips which also includes dim sims, crab sticks and pinapple fritters, beer, a hamburger ‘with the lot’ bought from a fish and chip shop, apple cider, beer, BBQ, toobs, chicken flavored chips, Weetbix fruchocs, crumpets, beer 🙂 ….. You get the idea.

So here’s a few photos of my indulgences…

Here’s a real burger. Complete with bacon and egg and beetroot.

The perfect lunch…. Pie with sauce, vanilla slice and a Farmer’s Union iced coffee. Did you know that Adelaide is the only place in the world where Farmer’s Union iced coffee beats the Coke brand as the leading favorite drink?

Although this doesn’t look that great, these lamb kebabs where pretty good -right up until a Rosella pooped on mine. Rosella’s are pretty but I don’t advise sitting underneath one.

So far, my favorite beer has been Roger’s from the Little Creatures brewery in Freemantle, WA. I sat by the water, listening to live music at the markets, the sun was shining down and this beer tasted extra good. We made a quick stop in at Hugh Hamilton Winery, which is not far from my parents house and sampled a few wines. The girls even tried their Shiraz Cordial which is non-alcoholic. I’m impressed by little lady #1’s palate since she could point out the hint of honey in her cordial. I purchased a bottle of their liqueur musquate to share with my husband when I get home and as we left we spotted a Blue Tongue Lizard sitting by the steps. I love visiting this cellar door which overlooks much of the McLaren Vale vineyard area, while you stand in the rotunda surrounded by windows. Everything is still very green, hilly and full of grape vines (duh).

Similar to this

Alongside vineyards in this area, are Olive Tree Farms. At the Willunga Markets, the very first Farmers Market to open in South Australia and still one of the most popular, olive oil is a regular feature.

I’ll fill you in on what else I picked up at the markets in another post.

But coffee! Coffee is almost ALWAYS good in Australia as a result of our diverse culture. I’m almost latte’ed out…. But not quite

Best Friend + delighted little lady + coffee + Belgium chocolate fondue with strawberries = bliss


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