Aussie Trip #5~ View from here


I grew up with the ocean always being about a ten minute drive away. The sky was always big and the sun set over the water, breath taking. But did it always take my breath away? Not really. I saw it every day. The old houses that look like churches around the Glenelg area, the terrace apartments over Rundle St, the drive to Victor Harbor, just normal life.
Absence does make the heart grow fonder in this case. This time in Adelaide, I’ve been able to see my hometown through the eyes of my Sister-in-Law (a native Minnesotan) and my girls and it has brought me to appreciate so many things that are beautiful about this place.
On a drive down south…


Sheep grazing on the hills by the ocean is a typical sight but not for my three and four year old little ladies. They loved it and squeal with excitement over all the wildlife that’s just outside their window.

The drive to my Mum’s house looks like this


HUGE rosemary, lavender and daisy bushes

Joining their great grandmother on her usual walk through the park. This was a moment that I just wanted to step back and observe.

And within a few minutes they were running off ahead of us

Until ‘Old Nan’ stopped us to point out the little ducklings by the pond


So I’ve had many moments of joy watching my girls find out what this country has to offer and seeing things with new eyes.
I’ll leave you with my typical morning view. Dressing gowns and Playschool šŸ™‚



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