Aussie Trip #6~ Perth


Half way through this adventure our setting changes. We say goodbye to the vines across the street from Mums house and head for Perth where the weather is typically beautiful, the ground is sandy and it faces the Indian Ocean. My Dad and his family were at the airport waiting for us. This is Dad’s first time meeting little lady #2 & #3!
The flight took a little over three hours and I was on my own with all the kids as my Sister-in-law went over by train across the Nullabor Plains (desert). We all did ok staying occupied with my overflowing bag of snacks, coloring books and games and as we landed, the passengers around me were extremely helpful and complimented the girls on how they handled the flight. It’s always nice to feel tightly knit with complete strangers through a shared experience like a flight.
Perth kept us busy, that’s for sure. The girls had many fun days….


I love the photo of the girls trying an egg salad sandwich for the first time, as I converse with Lis, my stepmum (but that word sounds so harsh) completely unaware of what the girls are doing. What would a vacation be without visiting the local mall, having coffee and buying toys!


We gave my family a Thanksgiving Day experience. Just a few months early but there was a Turkey and Americans so it is assumed that that means we know how to put on a good turkey dinner. It ended up beautiful, sitting around the table full of tradition food. Turkey, sweet potato bake, a mountain of mashed potato, gravy, green beans and of course, pumpkin pie. P
We had to work off that dinner and spent the next few days seeing the local attractions.
The Western Australian Aquarium.


The Perth Zoo. Even our mode of travel was exciting that day. Car then train then ferry. What a fun day!


The kids had many new experiences. Eating Milo flavored ice cream, riding on a ferry, seeing Australian sea life, writing their name in the beach sand, swimming in a backyard pool. Hopefully they’ll remember some of this.





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