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DPP 2012 // gazing


December 23rd
December Photo Project
She warms our hearts

I made her headband this afternoon with a crochet hook but I’m not sure if you can really call it a crocheted headband since I have no idea what I’m doing with a crochet hook. It was definitely quicker than knitting one for her and I wanted it for her Christmas Eve outfit tomorrow night.


DPP 2012 // extreme theme


December 22nd
December Photo Project
Theme: Russia
My husband takes themed gifts to the extreme. This is just the gift wrapping. (There are three gifts inside.)


DPP 2012 // home made gifts


December 21st
December Photo Project.
My Christmas to-do list is getting smaller thank goodness. These are my stocking stuffers for my Minnesotan family. Homemade disinfectant and homemade wood polishing/dusting agent. Also on my list is chest rub for the kiddos (like Vicks vapor rub without the petrolatum, camphor and turpentine oil ick) and nice smelly room spray. I’m pretty sure none of my Minnesotan family read my blog so it’s safe to post 🙂
BTW I got the awesome bottles for these gifts from


DPP 2012 // sun dogs


December 20th
December Photo Project

Sun dogs on my husband’s drive home from work.
Don’t quote me on the science of it, but reflections of the sun appear in the atmosphere either side of the sun because of the snow crystals in the air. It doesn’t happen which makes it worthy of a photo. This photo shows just one of the ‘sun dogs’. The sun is on the right.


Morning moments


Sweet morning moments (how it usually goes):
Charlotte wakes up at 7am (no matter how late she went to bed, how does she DO that?) and drags me downstairs for some quiet cartoons and breakfast. We share in a little conversation about how much snow has fallen or what our plans are for the day. Sometimes Charlotte will remember a dream she had through the night and share it with me. One on one time with my 5 year old, even for just a few quiet minutes in the morning, is something I want to remember.

Then, about an hour later, Miriam sneaks downstairs and curls in to me without a word. All warm from her sleep and sweet smelling, rolled up in a sighing ball of 3 year old girl. When she finally lifts her head to look at me she usually says, ‘Mum? I’m hungry?'(with a question, even though it’s more of an announcement).
But this morning? She said, “Mum, I gave Gianna a kiss and then I came down”
*heart melts*
Well, to be honest, my first thought was “you better not have woken her!”. But I went up to check on baby G and she was sleeping peacefully. She doesn’t even know, yet, how much she is loved by her sisters. People often speculated while I was pregnant, how the older two girls were going to interact with their new sibling. Many thought that after the initial excitement of the baby arriving that their interest would wane. Not these two! Every day since Gianna joined us, her sisters have talked to her, teaching her about kid life, cooed at her, laughed at her facial expressions and baby-isms and held her. Sometimes I have to referee between the sisters as to who’s turn it is to have Gianna’s attention.

Our morning routine for the moment, allows us to get breakfast done before Gianna joins us. Oh, and when I bring Gianna downstairs after she has buried her face in to my neck, she looks up and connects with her sisters with the biggest smile on her face, so happy to see them. And then our day begins…..

DPP 2012 // helping


December 18th
Ahhhh I’m falling behind!

I have volunteered help around the house but usually only if it involves water and/or an electrical appliance.