Cranberry Salsa


My husband introduced the idea of Cranberry salsa to me over Thanksgiving and I got hooked.
It’s sweet, it’s tangy, it’s a little spice, it’s fresh, it’s….. awesome!
And! It’s so easy to make, I did this while holding an infant.

One 12oz bag of cranberry’s
One bunch of cilantro
1/2 cup of sugar
One jalapeño (seeded and chopped)
Juice of two limes
(Or 3-4 good squirts of lime juice concentrate)
Pinch of salt

I put the cranberry’s in the food processor and roughly tore the leaves of cilantro from the stems and added them to the cranberry’s with the rest of the ingredients. I know a half cup of sugar may sound alarming to some. It’s to calm down the cranberry sourness I guess. I used raw, organic sugar. Does that make it ok? Lol. When I get better at this ‘clean eating’ stuff, I’ll probably substitute it with coconut sugar or stevia drops.


Process until combined but still chunky (but i guess that’s a personal preference)

Doesn’t it look vibrant? Perfect for the Christmas appetizer table.

I didn’t have a fresh jalapeño on hand but had some purée that I made at the end of the summer season, frozen into ice cube trays. I used one large ice cube block of jalapeño purée and it’s just the right amount of heat.
I don’t know if this happens to anyone else but the jalapeños are always overflowing on the plant by the end of summer and with children, there’s only so much we can use up as a family even if you make and can salsa. So with the huge bowl of jalapeños, I simply seeded them and threw them into my food processor with a small amount of water, poured the purée into ice cube trays and froze it. Once it was frozen I transferred the ice blocks to a freezer bag. It’s great for recipes like this and also jazzes up a bowl of macaroni and cheese for the folks. I’ve also made chili in a kid friendly style and used the purée to heat up the adult portions.

Right now, I’m going to enjoy this cranberry salsa snack with some corn chips.


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