Inside and out


Our first snow.
It takes at least half an hour to gather all the elements of clothing and put them on. Warm clothes, hats, mittens, snow bibs, coat and snow boots. Times that by two and you’re crossing your fingers that they stay outside longer than thirty seconds to make it all worth it.
At the end of last winter, these two found their love for being in the snow. Making tracks, snow angels, forts, rolling around and just having fun in the cold.
A hot cocoa is usually always requested when they trudge inside. Red cheeks, runny noses and wet tracks of snow.
Today a package arrived in a box, full of packaging foam. I tried to keep this unknown but Miss 5 poked her nose in the box and asked ever so sweetly if they could play. I confined them to the entrance way and thought ‘what harm could it be?…. Snow on the inside!’
Well? It got kind of messy as they made snow angels in package foam and the foam started breaking down into tiiiiiny.little.pieces 🙂
I was starting to regret this idea as I found the kids covered in static filled foam all over their clothing and hair. Oops. Oh well. The shop vac vacuum came to save the day. Have you ever vacuumed your kids hair? I have now.



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