DPP 2012 // coffee house


December 12th
Right now, our weekly schedule is split between two places. The town where we live and the suburb, over an hour away, where we work. This new adventure we are on brings great joy and has it’s obstacles.
~We need to move.
My husband drives over 500miles per week to get to and from work which is not ideal.
~We probably could benefit from owning a second car.
Right now, I spend most days at home with the kids without a vehicle.
The up side of this is that on the days where i also need to work at this new workplace, we get one and sometimes two afternoons a week in the big city. We all drive to the new job and drop Daddy off and then we go explore. With unique shopping and food, new sights and attractions, a zoo membership and a car, I feel very free.
Yesterday, while picking up two special Christmas gifts, we stopped at an old farm house that is now a Dunn Bros. This coffee chain is a little more interesting for the kids because they roast their own coffee. I got to show the girls the big roasting machine and the bags of raw green coffee beans. We then sat down and enjoyed hot apple cider and a cookie under these windows.



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