That’s a wrap


If you have received a gift from one of the Bierer family women, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s not just the gift that takes your breath away but the way it is concealed, hidden, presented…. however you want to put it.I’ve had gifts given to me by these women in fabric, sometimes handmade pillowcases all tied with string, ribbon, tulle or yarn. Gifts wrapped in retro styled wallpaper and hand painted paper. It kind of makes my store bought, on-the-way-to-the-party, wrapping paper and generic card look a little bland. So I’ve been challenging myself. Think outside the box Lauren. Be creative. You’re a Bierer woman now too đŸ™‚
Some years have been better than others.
This year, Charlotte and Miriam have been great helpers.
They stamped a large roll of brown paper (so cheap!)
Then, while we waited for it to dry, we searched for a book that we would feel ok ripping pages out of. Hmmmm where could we find a book we wouldn’t feel guilty ripping apart? I had the perfect one!

Have you ever heard of the book ‘Baby Wise’? I hadn’t until a few years ago, and I still haven’t read it from cover to cover, nor do I plan to. It’s not your typical baby book although it may appear that way to the well meaning, first time parent. The book focuses a lot on making your baby fit you, rather than you tending to your baby’s needs and following his cues. This, according to the book, would be the infant having control and manipulating your life. Now we can’t have that, can we! So this book teaches you to feed baby on a schedule (and this is from birth) every three or four hours and apparently soon baby will learn the deal. So it doesn’t matter if baby is starting to suck his hands (cue for hunger) or turn his face towards your chest or to the side (cue for hunger) or smack his lips (cue for hunger) or finally, out of frustration, starts crying (last cue for hunger), you don’t feed him until the clock says. Same for sleep. If you decide that 7pm is bedtime. Baby has to learn that and get it right every night and there’s little comfort given and definitely NO ‘giving in’ because that would be your baby controlling the house. (Can you hear my sarcasm?)

This book is dangerous. It misleads well-intentioned parents who believe that what they’ve read in a book must be the right thing to do and that they’re instincts are wrong. Extra fuel to the fire is the fact that the authors, a husband/wife team, share their Christian beliefs and try their best to tie it in to ignoring your baby when he is hungry. It has the potential to lead to malnourished and anxiety filled babies. This book has been slammed by pediatricians, the AAP has publicky recommended against it and some people have even petitioned for it to be removed from store shelves. The authors have since changed a few chapters but this book is still bad news. Why do I have a copy you ask?
Once I learnt about this book, I took it upon myself to restrict its availability in my area. So, whenever I go to a thrift store or secondhand book store, I do a quick check of the baby book section. Usually they’re only 50cents, and I buy them so that no one else can. I also hide the new copies of this book when I go to the local Barnes & Noble. Placing them behind some bottom shelf books in the travel section or graphic novel area is a pretty good way to keep them out of sight for a while. You can do this too.
If you want to read more about this book see here and here. For a Christian perspective, read this.

So anyway, I ran upstairs to get one of my copies out of the closet. I had been waiting for a good bonfire night but this is good too. We started ripping pages out ….

Folding and cutting them….

A hole punch, a piece of string and some cute hand writing by Charlotte….

And voila! A contender for a well wrapped Bierer family present.



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  1. I absolutely love that you buy or hide the books! The thought of you slinking around in Barnes and Noble with a few copies of Baby Wise had me near tears with laughter:)

  2. Ha! I too hide Babywise whenever I see it in the stores. I didn’t go to all the links you listed, but did you know that Dobson on Focus on the Family cautions against it, too? And notice the Ezzo’s do not even list a bibliography! They refuse to divulge their sources…likely because they don’t really have any.
    In all fairness, I know of some amazing & wonderfully loving families who swear by Babywise, but I too still cringe whenever I hear it praised. (I also know personally a failure to thrive baby whose parents stubbornly held to it. Ugh.) It’s so against what all the research (and motherly instincts) says is best for babies.

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