Safe place.


December 14th we saw horror, tears, shock, questions, anger, fear and debates.

December 14th we saw a repeat massacre. A repeat of previous horror, esculated. This time, more children were hurt. So this time, we are even more shocked. I listened to a radio interview on the 15th that asked the question, ‘Is this different because it was children?’ and the answer is yes. Our job is to protect children and their innocence and we were denied that on December 14th.

The debate of gun control is ringing loud and clear again now. It sounds like, from the suggestive speeches the President has made so far, that change will happen. Thank you God!

So far, I’ve heard:

“It’s not guns that kill people, people kill people”

“You still have more chance of dying in a car accident than from a gun in this country”

“We need to be looking at the mental health industry and correctly treating these people”

All of those statements have some elements of truth. A gun, locked in a cabinet, never to see the light of day, unloaded, can not possibly hurt anyone. But someone with an unsound mind can make a very bad choice with that gun. Someone with revenge on their heart can do a lot of damage. Someone with a mental health problem can do a lot of harm. Someone who spends many hours in the video game world can sometimes get a mixed up sense of reality and make a very real mistake with a very real gun.

The car analogy actually helps the anti-gun debate. You’re right! Car accident fatalities happen daily. Imagine if 90% of cars were taken off of the road….. There would be a drastic reduction in car accidents and therefore a huge decline in fatalities. Easy statistical equation.

Then the mental health issue. I do not claim to be an expert of any kind. I know that mental health effects many families. Actually, probably every family. Our health facilities need resources to better treat and rehabilitate these illnesses and diseases (well, actually, our health system needs better resources to treat ALL diseases but I’ll address that issue another day). It has not been confirmed that all massacre shooters have been diagnosed with a mental health disease, but then someone will argue that this is because we need a better diagnostic system. No one ‘in their right mind’ would ever do this…. shoot and kill. Well? People do. It’s real and it’s sad.

I agree that mental health needs some more light and attention. At the same time, coming back to the drama that unfolded on the 14th… If your child or friend or partner showed signs of suicide or maliciousness, threatening the lives of others, would you hand him the keys to your car? Would you leave the knives in the kitchen knife block? Would you still allow him internet access while under your roof and supervision. Personally, I would not. Your child is sick with a health issue. If your child was an addict of some kind you would take away all temptations for him, out of love. So, you have a sick child. Take away the temptations. Take the guns and weapons out of the civilian home. I understand that you need knives in your kitchen to make dinner. To make something nourishing for your family. Keep the knives somewhere unaccessible to your child. Then you say,’I’ll keep my gun somewhere unaccessible’. Why? Do you need your gun to nourish your family? Then you say, ‘I need my gun to protect my family’. That’s what trained professionals hired by the State and Federal government are trained to do. Trained.

Without even trying, I found myself in a debate about this on FB. Oh yay… a FB debate (said no one ever). This is how it went: Article posted;
Responding comments:

Me: “Wow, that’s tough. You shouldn’t have to charge your child with a crime to get him some mental health rehab. At the same time, don’t you think it’s scary if that woman owns a gun legally and keeps it somewhere in her home? I know the thought of this child pulling a knife on someone is horrible, but he couldn’t possibly kill dozens of people in a few minutes with a knife. And he could be more easily wrestled down by others if all he had was a knife. But a gun? and that mental instability? not a good mix. We need our benefits to more easily include mental health issues. We need the system to better accept families who raise concern. We need less guns/weapons in civilians households for that very reason. KWIM?

It’s like the statement “you still have more chance of dying in a car accident in America”. Well, if we took most of the cars off of the road that chance would drastically reduce. So lets take the guns out of the homes to drastically reduce the risk of massacres. It worked in Australia. One Massacre, gun buy back program, not a single massacre since and that was about 20years ago.

  • (Name removed): So we should buy up all then pencils that cause spelling errors? Or all the fatty foods we love because its well, making us fat?There was a post about timothy mcveigh and how everything he used you can STILL purchase, she we remove those from the shelves to? I fully agree what happened was horrible and not something I wish to ever see repeated. But let’s be honest,
    First, having a better understanding of mental dissorders early on AND treating is huge, secondly, STOP sensationlizing these horrible acts, these “crazy” kids are just tryin to one up all the other stuff. Why aren’t the teachers armed? I would love to see that happen, we have enough respect/trust/hope that they watch the kids everyday and not harm them, why don’t we empower then to truly protect these kids.

    That logic doesn’t work, there was a post about

Me: wow, yeah. lets put MORE guns in the school. That’ll make us safe. *eye roll* It works and it has worked in many countries. Check it out.

  • (Name removed): Typical anti gun reply. Has a cop never killed the wrong person? Cops are always there when ya need them? Sorry, I’d rather have a gun in my hand then a cop on the phone, and yeah, don’t you think that if someone KNEW teachers had guns they wouldn’t try and shoot the school up?

Me: No, I think if someone knew the teachers had guns then they wouldn’t have to go to the trouble of finding their own, they’d just walk in and find a way to use the guns that were there. OR the students at that school who need mental treatment could see it as an easy green light. Many options. I’m not typical, believe me. I’m logical mostly.
Sorry, no need for a gun debate on your wall, but the two issues are important and not one or the other. That’s the point I was making.

Here’s some background for how it played out in Australia after the Port Arthur Massacre in ’96.
I do not label myself as an anti-gun activist in any way. However, when I see common sense being drowned by pride, I start to squirm.

It’s for that very reason that I question mass vaccination in children. Common sense? or pride? (I don’t have the answer, just the question)
It’s the reason I question routine infant circumcision of only boys. Common sense? or pride?
It’s the reason I question genetically modified foods. Common sense? or pride?
(I could go on but you might start to think that I’m a little bit of a conspiracy theorist) lol

I like the President’s words yesterday, “Are we really prepared to say that we’re powerless in the face of such carnage — that the politics are too hard? Are we prepared to say that such violence visited upon our children, year after year after year, is somehow the price of our freedom?” (more from his speech here)

Let’s be compassionate, productive, a voice of reason, an advocate for healthy change in this country. Don’t stand idle but do your best to help make this a safe place. Speak common sense, vote with common sense and let pride fall gently by the wayside.


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  1. Mmm, don’t bother getting into the debates Lauren, I’ve got an ongoing one with your Southern Uncle, he’s not only now racist since moving to the USA he now is in favor of guns. I can’t believe it. Obama wont be able to do anything quickly over there, here it was a little different, Port Arthur was the first and last (I hope ) of it’s kind in Australia and they acted quickly and pulled no punches. Over there there is way too much money involved in politics. If you think the President ‘runs’ the country, think again. It’s money and the powerful people behind the money pulling the strings. It would take 50 years or more to break down the American thinking about guns. One in three have a gun. We saw on TV last night people in Texas ‘stockpiling’ their weapons, automatic rifles and hand guns in case their was talk of a change. It seems so simple to us, but for them it’s been ingrained into their psyche since the rules were written. Thank God it wasn’t one of our precious babies and the sooner you get them ‘home’ the better. 🙂 Love Mum

  2. Well said Lauren, There are a number of posts on my FB page regarding this, and it is a many-faceted issue. No single solution will fix everything and I fear it is far too big an issue for there ever to be any real resolution in the US. That doesn’t mean that decent people should just give up believing and trying though.

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