Snail hat


When a sweet blonde, curly haired, 4 year old walked through my door with her Mum, wearing an adorable home made swirly knit hat, I HAD to know the pattern and how to recreate it. Her knitter Mum, pointed me in the direction to this pattern and once I got it worked out, it’s the only style of hat I’ve knit this season. 3 so far.
I came home with three different variegated color ways and my girls picked out their yarn of choice.
Here’s Charlotte in her finished hat….

The hat is knit on straight needles, increasing on one side at the same rate as you decrease on the other side. It looks like this as you work.

This is the first knitting project I’ve tried that is of odd construction. Directional.
Miriam’s hat was next and she’s a fan of her new snail hat.

I started with scarves, moved on to hats, then a baby blanket for our first child. Soon my husband was making requests and I finally knit him a smoking jacket (although he doesn’t smoke but I think he thinks he looks pretty smokin’ in it) from the Son of Stitch ‘n Bitch book.
In my search for this swirly hat, affectionately named the ‘snail hat’, I came across a knitting pattern designer, the wooly wormhead. These patterns totally opened up a new door for me and I’m looking forward to trying out some of these styles next.


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