Teeth. They make life easier. But they’re tough on us when they first arrive.
With our third little babe, we have been using a genuine baltic amber teething necklace. I’ve never been a Mum that rushes to the medicine cabinet (wait…. we don’t even HAVE a medicine cabinet but you know what I mean) to dose my children up with pharmaceuticals when they have a health issue and teething is no different. A friend told me, when my first baby was still very small, that she never gave her child pain relief medicine for teething but handed her a cold spoon instead. How simple and easy!
So with this in mind, I’ve used cold spoons, homeopathic teething pellets, lots of breast feeding and cuddles and for the first time, we’re now trying the baltic amber necklace. There has been a LOT less drama around teething time (we’re getting a lot more right with this third baby. “Third times a charm” right?) and I attribute it to the pain relieving succinic acid that is released from the amber.
Alongside the normal discomforts a baby has while teething, my third baby also NEEDS to grab, pinch, scratch, just basically cause pain wherever her little hands wander while I’m nursing her. My chest is covered in little tiny scratch marks and scabs. It’s lovely (ugh).
I noticed on a baby bargain website this morning, that teething necklaces were being advertised and I ALMOST clicked ‘buy’. These are the type that Mum wears and baby can play with and chew on. I thought spending $10-$20 was well justified if it was going to save my skin from harm while I continue to feed my child. We have a long road of nursing ahead of us I’m hoping.
Then I remembered that I had a stash of my Grandpa’s old neck ties in a closet and some wooden and plastic beads. I got creative and this is what turned out. It’s just tied in the back. I didn’t unstitch anything from the neck tie and I tried it on this polyester one first before I give it a go on one of his beautiful 100% silk ties. I have darker beads too.
My next step is to find a source of organic wooden beads that are untreated, so that this is a healthier option for my little one to sink her teeth in to if she feels the need.
When little G woke up from her nap she looked at me and then her eyes locked in on the necklace. I’ve only nursed her once since making it so far, but my skin was SAVED!! She held this necklace and played with it every now and then. Then she was done. Voila! No pinches or scratches. I hope it continues.
What do you think of this teething necklace idea?


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