It’s a Happy Mother’s Day here


These girls bless me daily.
The days are long but the years are short.
Yes, there are tears, fights, hitting, tantrums, food left in gross places, sickness, picking noses, dawdling when I’m running late, growing up too fast, questions when all I yearn for is a moment of quiet, poop commentary, endless laundry and dishes, dinner that needs to be made daily, constant concern about what goes in or on their body and lessons about life that I wish I could shield from my daughters forever.

But through all that there is love, endless love.

Cuddles and kisses.
Silly jokes-some that make no sense to me.
Playing with Legos and trains and baby dolls.
Learning about the world -the beautiful things that I often overlook.
Walks to the park and pushing the swing “up higher!”
Girls calling out in the middle of the night that only Mum can answer and make all better with a ‘kissing hand’.
Creative drawings and funny imaginative stories complete with character voices.
Watching as a child learns to roll, sit, crawl, walk, dance, run, jump and skip.
‘Eye-Spy’ on long car rides.
Reading books together and telling stories ‘just with your voice’
Picking flowers and playing dress ups
Nap time
Spontaneous afternoon tea parties
Playing in the snow rather than complaining about it.
Funny meal times
Trips to the Zoo
Night time prayers and singing a child to sleep.

There is so much that happens in a day that I can be thankful for. Sometimes the lack of sleep, the pile of dishes in the sink, no car to drive and a dirty floor can cloud my perception but I do know that I am blessed. I am thankful for a loving, creative, funny, thoughtful husband who is an amazing Daddy to our daughters and will always remind them how special they are.
My children are healthy, my marriage is strong, we are both employed, there is food in our bellies, our family laugh -often. I know I am blessed and I’m taking it for as long as it lasts.


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