Journey to Perth


There was a worldwide outage of computer systems for Virgin Airline made our LA to Brisbane flight a hour late. I only had an hour and 45min layover to connect to my domestic flight to Perth scheduled for 8:45am. I was cleared through customs by 8:35am and there was no way I was going to make it.
Went to the transfers desk and they had organized a later flight (9 hours later) and a hotel for us to stay in and transport to and from. $50 of room service for us too.
We got to the hotel room in downtown Brisbane. Beautiful weather, sun shining. Gianna and I had a bath and I fed her and she fell asleep. I went down to the hotel cafe with Gianna in the Ergo and sat down with some people I’d met on the bus who were in the same situation as me.
We ordered an antipesto platter, fruit platter, calamari, wedges with sour cream and sweet chili sauce. Although I didn’t get to Perth in the timeframe I had planned, being able to bathe and eat felt great.
Gianna and I went back to our room and slept for two hours before getting back on the bus to get to our 5:30pm flight.
I’m now waiting at the gate for our flight.
Gianna stayed awake up until we got on the big international flight which was 2am Minneapolis time. Crazy!! She slept well in the bassinet that Virgin set up on the wall in front of me for about 4hrs. I was able eat dinner and get some rest in. The next 10 hours of the flight was a combination of napping, snacking, visits to the oversized disabled restroom other middle of the plane (never seen one that big on a plane before…. Made life a lot easier!) and walking laps around the plane, passing all the sleeping passengers 😉
Gianna is doing well now considering it’s the middle of the night on her body clock. Letting her sleep when she wants but not trying too hard to keep her asleep. It’ll be 9:25pm in Perth when we finish this journey.
Here’s a photo of Gianna asleep in the bassinet on the plane.



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