My stay in Perth


This journey to Australia with my 14 month old daughter was not planned and not one that I ever wanted to make. My Dad’s wife of almost 25 years, passed away after a 2 year brave battle with Ovarian Cancer. Always positive and encouraging of others, Lis very rarely complained about the cards that she was dealt. I received a call on Thursday the 1st of August from my Dad who told me with much regret that Lis’ prognosis was not good. Three months at best.
24 hours later I got another call. The one I didn’t want. I am so grateful that I was at the home of my good friend, Sarah’s, with my girls all happily playing. After the initial shock settled I started to consider coming home to be with family. It’s a looong way and an expensive ticket but thanks to my husbands insistence and the financial support from my family, I was on a plane by the 5th of August.
The last ten days have been a roller coaster of emotions. My Dad put together a beautiful montage of photos and immediate family all shared memories and stories at Lis’ funeral. What rang clear during the celebration of her life was that Lis was an encourager. She brought the best out of people and went out of her way to boost people up.
I’ve caught up with family friends that I haven’t seen for decades, gone bowling with my brother like we used to when we were ten, seen my Uncle and Aunt for the first time in many many years, hugged my sweet 4 year old niece and have watched my Dad do his very best at surviving these first few vulnerable moments without his soul mate here, earth side. Please pray for Dad and my sister, as we all try to get used to this new way of life without Lis. We may never get used to it but we’ll keep on keeping on as best we can.
I am so glad that I was able to laugh, cry, hug and stand beside my family. My daughter was able to bring about smiles in this sad time too- what a blessing!



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