Monthly Archives: September 2013

A new beginning


It happened. My first little baby grew up enough to start going to school. I can’t fathom how all that time went by me, those last 5.75 years, but it happened.
I was so excited for her to start because Charlotte was so excited to start. The local school is only two blocks from our house so the school playground is a familiar stop for us. As a family, we were open to either home schooling or public school but Charlotte had her heart set on going to school outside of the home in the traditional setting of a class room so we went with that.
She can already meet all the criteria for the kindergarten level academically but the social, emotional and general classroom management rules will all be great learning curves for our sweet and spunky Charlie.

The day came. September 5th 2013. Charlotte Lousie’s first day of school.


This is also going to be a big change for our younger two girls. Miriam, especially, is going to miss her co-conspirator.


I am in LOVE with my family. (Check out the cheeky babe, Gianna!)


Arriving at school for the first time with Charlotte will be a day I’ll never forget.