Monthly Archives: February 2014



You know those moments when something feels more ‘right’ than ever. Closer. Do-able. And it excites you?
I had one of those moments a few days ago.
Weather in Minnesota has been more than cold which has kept my husband from being able to get to work some days. Luckily, he can still get work done at home through the wonders of technology and lucky for us, he can be home to share meals with us and change a diaper every now and then 😉 this weather can easily get you down. Stuck inside, windows forever sealed closed, heater drying out your skin, layers and layers of clothes just to take the garbage out. But I figure it just helps us appreciate the Spring even more, right?

So, partly because of the weather, we got to have Dad home with us from Thursday-Sunday and there was a fresh layer of snow on the ground so we ventured outside. Our plan was to let our 5 and 6 year old try snow-shoeing but the wind was up and they wouldn’t have lasted long out on the prairie where the kid snow shoes are on hire. Our back-up plan was a stop at 7 Mile Creek just a few miles out of town for us in a valley area, beautifully white and wooded and protected from the wind. I strapped the toddler on to my back (I love the Ergo) and Peter rigged up some rope to the sled and off we went on our shoe shoes. A couple of miles of snowy trails, giggles from the girls in the sled and some reflective conversation with my husband.

It was a moment.


We talked about how much we love our kids. Even though they do frustrating kid things, they’re still pretty awesome.
We talked about our hope to move to Australia, to be with family, to not let it become a ‘one day’ dream but a true reality. We’re getting closer.
We talked about how connected we feel- to each other. Is it because we started playing music together again? ( Is it because we’re going snow shoeing together? Is it because we’re united in our exhaustion of parenting three little girls? How can you continue to fall more in love with someone when you thought you were already in pretty deep?
It happened.

We took these pics on my phone just before we headed off and then made a point of leaving the phones and cameras in the car. No distractions. No other connectivity except to each other. It reignited something and I liked it.
We let the kids choose which trail we’d take and when we finally got back to our car they were cheering like they’d just won a race. I truly think they were cheering from relief that we weren’t lost. We ate a picnic lunch in the car with hot cocoa and headed home with forever memories.