I believe we are all connected in a giant puzzle-like web with an amazing weaver who creates opportunities for us to fulfill His will for our life, sewing and stitching, mending and hemming as He goes. We all hear the phrase ‘it’s a small world!’ when we learn that we know a friend of a friend or see someone from a lifetime ago. Well, it took me 30 hours and 4 airports to get from my South Australian home to my Minnesotan life, so I can tell you from experience, this world is anything but small. I believe more so in this tightly knit life with threads coming from all directions. A life that draws in threads of radiant color when we need picking up and loosens the borders when we need to relax. Frays at the edges when we don’t look after ourselves and drops a stitch when our life needs some space. I found my perfect knitting partner and we’ve woven three amazing beauties. The threads in my tightly knit life are spread across two continents which just adds extra colour to my knitting project.

My tightly knit life is not much different from yours but unique at the same time. I hope to share the breath taking moments here as well as the everyday stitches and threads.


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