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A new beginning


It happened. My first little baby grew up enough to start going to school. I can’t fathom how all that time went by me, those last 5.75 years, but it happened.
I was so excited for her to start because Charlotte was so excited to start. The local school is only two blocks from our house so the school playground is a familiar stop for us. As a family, we were open to either home schooling or public school but Charlotte had her heart set on going to school outside of the home in the traditional setting of a class room so we went with that.
She can already meet all the criteria for the kindergarten level academically but the social, emotional and general classroom management rules will all be great learning curves for our sweet and spunky Charlie.

The day came. September 5th 2013. Charlotte Lousie’s first day of school.


This is also going to be a big change for our younger two girls. Miriam, especially, is going to miss her co-conspirator.


I am in LOVE with my family. (Check out the cheeky babe, Gianna!)


Arriving at school for the first time with Charlotte will be a day I’ll never forget.



Once in a lifetime…


Sometimes there are conversations that I have with my girls that I know I want to remember forever. I hope that this space can be a place for me to take note of some of them. The talks about our bodies, about God, about what nutrients are in our food, about where potatoes comes from etc.
Today’s memorable banter came from our 4 year old in the back seat of our car….
Miss 4: Knock Knock
Me: Who’s there?

Miss 4:Poop
Dad interrupts: That’s not a funny word
Miss 4: I mean underweeeeaarrr!
Me: Underwear who?
Miss 4: Poop on my underwear I love you ahhahahaha

Both Peter and I are silent, holding our tongues, then silently giggling in the front seats of the car. Peter says “Miriam, those words don’t even go together” and at the same time Charlotte (our 5 year old) chimes in saying, “That’s KIND of funny…”, which had the two of us front seat passengers in STITCHES, we had to turn the radio up so the kids couldn’t hear our laughing. We didn’t want Miss 4 to know how funny her ‘potty words’ were to us, since we’re trying to get the kids off of the subject of poop and butt related things.
I even got the girls a “knock, knock” joke book from the library this week, hoping that they’d scrub up on their joke telling skills….. We still have some work to do folks but for some reason “poop in my underwear I love you” was funny enough for us tonight. 

Five years of Charlotte


Wow. Five years have passed since the day we first met Charlotte. A little bundle of 7lbs 12oz (most of that weight being in her cheeks) arrived after a long and anything but peaceful labor and birth. Charlotte’s presence changed us from being a married couple to being a family and it was a learning curve but a fun one.
I stayed up late last night, after kissing Charlotte goodnight and reminding her that this was her last night of being a four year old, and I went through all the photos we’ve taken of the kids in the last five years (yes, it got late). So I put together a few pictures to share how that little baby bundle of cheeks has blossomed.ImageImageImageImageImage

I am so proud of this little girl.

She loves to tell jokes and make people laugh.

She loves to dance and make music.

She loves to cook and bake and paint and draw.

When she grows up she says she wants to be a Mum.

She has an empathetic heart and a cautious nature.

And we love her to infinity and beyond.